Monday, April 25, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 18

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"Outside" Touch Responded! Womb

Balances (series) In the Gap (2) A Prophetic Relationship The Sleeping Train

Somehow... Lifting Up His Hands (Laying on Love) He's Calling Us Out!

Gallery notes:

November 2007

Well, I'm more than a little shocked that this gallery is finished already! The month isn't even over yet! And there is still a series of pictures waiting to be drawn, and seven others on the sketch-burner! God is awesome. I've been blessed to be able to paint some pictures at church (Jesus Family Center) during worship. Two pictures in this gallery (well, one, and one series) came out of the past. Two others were prayer for a friend... "heart art" as I'm going to call them. I hope to write about that in the future. Okay, I'd better run and take care of Timothy! He's been such a good boy. But he's crawling & curious now, so my time on here is very limited. But we're praising God. He has blessed us, and there is more to come in Him no matter what shape it seems to be taking! Bless you too in His love.


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