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By Ramone - November 4, 2007

This is my second painted-during-worship picture, painted during the second day of the "arts" weekend at Jesus Family Center. As they had done the night before, the pastors said that if anyone had a picture, please come up and paint it. This time it wasn't so much of a "prophetic" picture as the earlier one, but was instead how I felt during worship.

The worship leader (on guitar and sitting in his wheelchair) had just begun to sing a very "yasashii" song (nice, soft, kind) and I felt this, like we were reaching up and touching God's heart and He was touching ours, and we were praising Him and touching something soft above us. This is kind of what it looked like.

Wonderfully (to me), I wasn't the only one who painted! The night before it had just been me and the pastor's son, but this time it was as if all the kids came up to paint and draw, too! I wish I could put all their pictures online! They're so beautiful! I was honored to be painting my heart & His heart alongside their pure and beautiful hearts and His heart in them!


(The picture is so small--and thumbnail so bad!--because I haven't properly photographed it yet... the picture is still at the church. (^_^)


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