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The Story of Art for Jesus

I love God. And more than that, He loves me and you. This is what my art is about.

Once upon a time I wanted to say something grand, to paint a great work, to be recognized in some degree. Yet not only was I unable to figure out "what to say", but I also was being crushed under the weight of personal depression and feelings of alienation. Eternity in my heart was crying out for God, and I was dying without Him. I didn't need art and I didn't need great ideas; I needed love from the very real God who is love. As I began to realize this and come to God, I let go of art because it seemed to be a channel for mangifying depression.

Between 1998 and 2002, God gave me my life back one step at a time and began to redeem each difficult thing I had experienced, "turning ashes into roses" as my friend Hazel says. Soon after moving to Japan, I began to want to draw again but again lacked vision and purpose. Floating from job to job, I began to feel lost and wondered if I was where He wanted me to be or not. One day as I sat down and wanted to draw. My first sketch idea was terrible. Then He somehow stilled my soul and I looked deep inside for the first time, to my spirit, and I saw a picture that moved me inside, making me cry. A man was walking on a suspended silver path above dark waters. Several days later He gave understanding to my wife as to the meaning -- that I am on His path, right where He wants me to be, and He is leading me above the dark waters.

Two years later He began to show me that this was something He could do for me more often, just as He does for others. "Prophetic art" is what many people call it when you receive a picture from God. Sometimes you understand it right away, sometimes you don't. But what He gives, He will be faithful to explain in His time.

And it will be Him. It will show His love, His heart.

Yet it is not independent of me. Indeed, these are pictures that come through my eyes -- this is the way I've seen what He shows me as we walk together. Each picture is personal to me, and each one has a meaning and a story. I must confess that I am often more excited about the meaning than the "art", and sometimes perhaps the "art" suffers in quality because of it. (But I'm getting better!)

I've discovered that I am a communicator: I love the message more than the means. But I do love art -- I love lines, brush strokes, fades, deep colors, and beautiful art. But more than these, I love Jesus and He loves me. This is what it's about whether I ever pick up a pencil or not. That's why it's called "Art for Jesus", because I always want to remember who it's all about. I pray you are blessed by the pictures and their stories just as I am. But if not, or whether you remember them or forget them, I pray that you'll experience God speaking His words to you of how much He has loved you and given His all for you on the cross 2,000 years ago.

I try to draw or paint each picture as I see them, but being more concerned with His love and the meaning, sometimes I forget about "art" altogether and simply hope it comes out well! Either because of my own limitations or because of His intention (perhaps both at times), the result may turn out looking very simple, cute, childish, cartoonish or stick-figurish. I love expression and emotion. I love to capture a moment. I pray that the basicness of the figures accentuates the simplicity of His love and His words of life for you. Yes, His love is beautiful, simple, profound and overwhelming, and even cute. The God of all the universe and creation is focused intensely on you and me!
"The Lord your God is with you,
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing."

- Zephaniah 3:17
He's restored me, quieted me, led me, and in His love redeemed everything that has been lost. Here as you can see, He has returned me to my childhood love of drawing. I pray that He leads many of His children back into their childlike love of drawing the love He gives them! God wants to squeeze our hearts with His heart, and He wants us to know how our love for Him squeezes His heart!

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Hi Ramone ... thanks for sharing this. I find many parallels with my own journey. Your words challenge me to remember my first love.

A friend and dear sister in Christ wrote some words on her Facebook introducing me to friends, and I want to put them here because they touched me and I don't want to lose them!


Rosaline wrote:

I want to introduce a friend here, a dear friend of Heart4Japan, whom had given us privilege in using his pictures, a friend whom his drawings and his articles often moved me to tears. He was once broken, but now he was made whole, in the arms of our Saviors. The Lord mended his broken past one by one, and he found his passions restored when he moved to Japan. I'll call him a "witness".

May you be blessed by his work. And if you wish to purchase his art for your ministry purpose, e.g. making into cards, banners etc. Please feel free to contact Ramone: fulfilledinjesus [[at]] yahoo [[dot]] com

The illustrations are anointing by the will of the Holy Spirit.


Thanks, Rose. And thank You, God. (^_^) Bless her, Jesus, and her heart!
Dear Ramone:
I've reading your articles. I wish i´d had more time to read because i like them very much. I also have been admiring your paintings I almost don´t know anything of this art even when I have an artist at home that also is in love with Jesus (my son) Your paintings really moved me..I can´t explain but I can feel Jesus Love and grace flowing through your art, it really moved me. I also like a lot the drawings about Dostoievsky's books. He´s one of my most favorite authors I hope someday I can buy you some paintings I'm in Mexico and it´s a little difficult for me to do this in this moment. For now receive a hug for you and your family. May Our Lord bless you abundantly
Albafuerte1, thank you! Please write again to me and leave me your email address or some way I can contact you. My father's family is Mexican. I very much want to talk to you and your family more, and know you more!

Bless you in Jesus! Dios es amor!
This is awesome Ramone! Your work does have a simplicity and a cuteness that allows the clarity of the message to come through. I really appreciate that. There's a brightness about it, I find simply delightful :) It's awesome you're allowing God to use you this way.


Such a blessing! I was very blessed by your art! So amazing!!! May God bless you more and more!!! So much God's love in your paintings, so much of his heart! Amazing!!! Be blessed!! Beautiful, very beautiful! :)

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