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What Is Prophetic Art?

From intimate moments being with Him... Art comes from His Spirit, revealing His flame, His passion, His love... Art for Jesus ...it's all about Jesus ...a passion from Him and given back in praise to Him!

Simple answer: It is art that is born of communication between you and God.

For awhile I have resisted using the term "prophetic art" on this website. The "P" word makes many people nervous. I grew up in a church that was founded on the writings of someone they called a "prophet", but which were unbiblical and caused a lot of bondage. People who leave that church (for Christ) are often very nervous about the "P" word after that, and I completely understand why.

I'm not a stranger to God moving prophetically through others. I know He can and does gift people that way (mind you, it must "resonate" in us because His primary way of leading us is by the Holy Spirit's inner witness inside you personally). But I've been shy of saying my art is "prophetic".

However, things have happened in my life and the Lord is convicting me that it is the proper term for the kind of art He usually gives me. It is born of the relationship between us, between Daddy & me. And it is indeed "prophetic" not because of anything "me", but because of Him! It's prophetic because it comes from Him, and He is prophetic!

"Prophetic Art" is simply art that comes from talking with God. God is the Prophetic One! He is real and He still speaks to us today! He's alive and desires intimate relationship with us. This is art that comes as I've shared my heart with Him and He's shared His heart with me. I pray that it not only shares my heart, but His heart as well. He's blessed me with these pictures, and I pray that He blesses you with them, too, and even more.

(For more about the heart of "prophecy", see "Prophecy is...")

I should add that not all of the pictures on this site are what I would consider "prophetic" art. Sometimes they're just my ideas. Sometimes they come from Him. Sometimes they're worked out between something He showed me and something I added to it. Once in awhile I've not painted something the way He showed me (and I usually regret it, haha). There's a lot of variety here, and I can't always spell things out. Sometimes, especially recently, He has taken some old pictures I thought were not inspired, and has filled them with color and meaning. The "prophetic" thing is Him, and being in relationship with Him almost everything takes on a prophetic dimension, just because Hallelu Yah, that's who He is! (^_^)

As I recently was trying to go to sleep one night, in prayer and talking with Him, He gave me two more pictures. You know, there are times with Him when He shows you something or tells you something about your life, and it just leaves you hopping with joy in Him. He is soooo awesome! I quickly sketched the two pictures He gave me that night, and because I was so happy and hopping in His joy, I wrote down thanks to Him:
Jesus, You're awesome. Thank You for these two pictures. Thank You, Lord. It's from You, but it's my story! It's you writing a letter from You on my heart! Thank You. Let me know always that this is You! This is Your handwriting (so to speak!) on my life!

This is "prophetic" ...yes! You're calling us all to a prophetic relationship with You, a prophetic intimacy ("into-me-see"... and You reply, "into-Me-see!") with You and seeing through Your eyes!

Get used to it! This is what "prophetic" means! It means communicating with You. Thank You!!!

Help me do these, Lord, for You & for all on Your heart help me. In Jesus' name, Amen! (^_^)


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I think I came out of the same church. I am currently a student at Bethel in Redding CA. They have a great prophetic art ministry.
Your art is awesome. I am looking for something for my new website: globalKingship.org

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