Thursday, November 01, 2007


Art For Jesus

"Art For Jesus"

By Ramone - October 31, 2007

I sketched this on July 5th, probably at a cafe, and never intended to make a real picture out of it. It was kind of a reminder for me of what is important, of dropping everything I was doing and just worshiping Him. (This older picture has a similar note).

It's in His presence that any of this drawing (or anything) must be done, and it's all about Him. I had been looking at some things and re-arranging them, and it felt kind of fleshy or heavy, but then God reminded me that it was from Him. So I dropped it all and gave it back to Him. It was a wonderful reminder.

I decided to make this larger version and share it because it really shows what I've been trying to write about lately, about prophetic art and what it is.

It was such a simple picture that I didn't know what to name it, what to call it. It's kind of a picture of everything, of what it's all about. I smiled when I gave it the simple title. It was the only name I could give to it. (^_^)


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