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Jesus Family Children

"Jesus Family Children"

By Ramone - September 30, 2007

Recently I've been trying to get us out to Jesus Family Center more often. It's one of the closest churches to us, at which we like the people and feel comfortable with what they believe, etc. It's casual & not ritualistic or rigid, which is nice. One of the reasons I've been wanting to go more often is not merely to "connect with the Body next door", but because I want my son to grow up with the children there.

When we took him there a month or two ago for the first time, there was the expected fawning over the new baby, but then lots of people wanted to hold him, too! I hadn't experienced that before, so I was a little like, "Um... well... o..k..?" and before I knew it he was being passed from one person to another and was on the other side of the room! Then some of the children were holding him and playing with him! They were happy to hold him and wanted to have fun with him and include him in with their fun! I thought, yes indeed, I want my son to experience this kind of love among children!

Some weeks later we went to the Saturday night worship and because Timothy was relaxed and took a nice long nap, we ended up staying for the whole thing. As the worship began in song, the children who were there that evening got together in their own area and began holding hands, jumping up and down and worshiping! They were excited and happy to worship God! It was exciting to them -- they held hands and danced around in circles, held up their hands and touched each others' hands in the air, and jumped around in pure joy to be worshiping God!

It was a bit shocking to me! I had never seen children just be joyful when worshiping God. It's always been how do you say -- restricted? Boring? Forced? When I was little (and at most churches I've seen) the children would rather have been somewhere else. "Song service" was not looked forward to. But somehow these kids danced around in the joy of the Lord.

Some people might be offended or think such a thing is improper, but you know, when Jesus came into Jerusalem it was the kids who paved the way with their joyful unrestrained worship, their praises even holding the stones back. When the religious people were offended at the kids' noise and what they said, Jesus told them that God said, "Out of the mouths of babes I have perfected praise."

Well, God, thank You! Let me too dance like a child in Your presence! And let my wife and I and my son all grow up together in Your presence, dancing like the children we are, like the sons & daughters that You've made us to be. And bring this kind of freedom and restoration to Your Body all over the world, Lord, in Jesus' name, amen!

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