Monday, April 25, 2005


ARTicles (Essays & Writings)

  • Artist's Statement

  • The Story of Art for Jesus

  • What Is Prophetic Art?

  • Prophetic Art - A Few Tips

  • A Letter About What Prophetic Art Is

  • My Christian Art Revolution

  • Eternally Precious

  • Breaking the Boundaries of Christian Art

  • Pictures about prophetic art --

  • Art for Jesus

  • Bezalel & Oholiab
  • (Biblical prophetic artists)
  • Moses' Wish

  • Prophecy is...

  • Get Up and Follow!

  • Writings by others --

  • Summary of Trotter's Pursuit of God and Art

  • Being a Child of the Creative Age

  • Finding Meaning Through Weakness

  • Writings by others (External links) --

  • The Plight of the Christian Artist (by Denny Gunderson)

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