Monday, April 25, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 15

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One Like a Son of Man Healing Channels of Water Bridegroom Fast Miracles

Waiting Relief, Assurance The Empty Tomb!! Entrust

Healing (Yahweh Rapha) Timothy John 17 John 17 - part 2

Gallery notes:

June - July 2007

Things are deep and I don't know what to say! Time is short, but for a time it was like one picture came every night, mostly when saying goodnight to my 3-month-old son and my wife. God is awesome. But I had better put up some
real pictures on my homepage soon or my family will kill me. Sorry! (^_^)

Dear Ramone,

Love your paintings, please take a look at and please contact me.

The King's HeART,

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