Thursday, July 05, 2007


Relief, Assurance

By Ramone - July 2, 2007

This came while Yoko and I were talking about some dear friends in Adventism. (My wife and I are both former-Adventists, having left the many complicated beliefs of that system behind to rest in Jesus Christ alone.) We have been very blessed by these friends and their love & faith for God, yet there is just even a little more that we wish they could know.

It is simply the rest, the relief, the assurance that comes from knowing God has done it, He has saved us! (Adventism has historically taught you can never say you're saved until the end). The assurance that comes from seeing that Christ really has saved us, that He really has finished all the work necessary for our salvation --- whew! What a relief!! You don't have to worry anymore "if" you might "make it" or not!

As Yoko and I talked, I found myself unable to verbalize this relief, this rest, and I just put my body in this position because I couldn't describe it any other way. It's the Sabbath-rest, the rest that comes from knowing Jesus has finished all the works, and you find joy, relief, peace and rest in the salvation He finished for you. What good news!

Lord, I pray this for our friends. You've abundantly blessed them and given them wonderful, wonderful faith and love for You. Yet there is still a relief that I know they don't yet know -- bring them to that relief, to that rest and "whew!" sigh of joy. In Jesus' name and in His love, amen.


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