Monday, June 18, 2007


The Open Window

By Ramone - June 16, 2007

Yesterday morning I woke up after a bad dream in which I had succombed to a temptation. I shook it off and rested in the Lord. Then soon after my wife came to wake me up (she's staying with the baby downstairs -- I sleep upstairs on nights when I have to work the next day). She opened the window and said that the rain had stopped for now, and that the sky was beautiful.

After she left, I stayed in bed a little longer lazing and listening to worship music which was playing on my alarm clock. While there, the enemy tried to tempt me with the memory of the bad dream, and for a moment it was strong. Then I looked outside through the open window, still laying in bed. The clouds are always so beautiful after rain, and the color of everything is brigher, more vivid, and more alive.

He showed me--or awoke in me--the understanding that life is so much bigger than the temptation! There is a whole REAL world outside! He kind of opened my eyes... my reality, my life, who I am in Him and who I love (my son & wife) is in that world, in the big REAL world. Get up and live in it! Don't let temptation tell you that you gotta stay down!

He opened my eyes and carried me out through that window, so to speak. Temptation encloses you so that all you can see is what you're being tempted to do or think about. But seeing through God's window, the life--the big and real life--outside opens your eyes past the temptation. He broke the temptation's strength, it's trap, it's box.

Thank You for doing that, God! Thank You for yesterday's "way of escape" (1 Corinthians 10:13). You're always the One who carries me out of it. And thank You for using my wife to open it and call my attention to it. Thank You, God.

Later that night I was being tempted again in a strong way, feeling I would succomb, and You reminded me of the open window! You reminded me of what You told me -- that the real life is waiting for me beyond temptation's lying box. That's when I knew I ought to make a picture of this so I would remember. Thank You for that again, Lord God.


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