Sunday, June 17, 2007


Father's Love

Father's Love

By Ramone - June 2, 2007

I was holding my baby son in the relax-chair waiting for him to burp. I had my head leaning to one side so his could be erect and leaning against mine. It felt good to hold him. I thanked You, Jesus, for this. I don't know if or how I'd thanked You before, but it felt like the first time (it always does with You! Fresh & forgetful of all save for now!).

I realized that You are the Creator and I have You to thank. Sometimes I doubt or wonder or temporarily lose my eyes of faith, seeing by sight instead. But as I felt that way that night, I yet thanked You and recognized You, and truly knew You are the Creator. You gave me this. You gave me him, my son. You gave us each other.

And then I realized, Father is holding me now! Holding us! And this is how You feel about me, holding me! You're happy and blessed and thankful to hold me! Your love swells like mine & even more, and now You've made me cry and given me a blessed small taste of Your love, Papa. Thank You.


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