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By Ramone - May 27, 2007

This came while I was talking with my good friend David who lives in Kobe. He came down to Osaka to visit me, my wife and our new baby, Timothy. While there David and I talked about a lot of things. A LOT of things! One of the things we talked about was based on Romans 6, about how before we knew God we were powerless to do His will. Yes, we were "free" -- but we were free in the darkness. By God entering into our lives, a door is opened out of the darkness and into the light. Some people think that His will is constrictive, but it's the exact opposite. It is the way out! It is the way of freedom, the way that we could not have gone while lost in the darkness! So in your times of temptation, your times of feeling constricted or hemmed in by what you think you have to do, remember that God is an open door to freedom. Bless you in His love, in His freedom that is the greatest freedom imaginable!


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