Friday, April 06, 2007


Identity (Who You Are)

By Ramone - April 6, 2007

"Who am I?" many people wonder. Often we try to forge our identities by looking deep into our souls. We say that this or that passion of ours is who we are, or that this or that idea or preference is who we are. Basically we try to sort through all the different feelings we have, and at the end we try to assemble the ones we prize most as our "identity".

But feelings come and feelings go like sand on the ocean floor. Inside of you there is a spirit God has put, which He re-creates. This is who you really are. And let me say frankly, we don't know who we are! We don't know how valuable we are! The Infinite One has found us of infinite worth. You are "the pearl of great price" -- the one so valuable that He gave up everything He had (including His life) in order to purchase you.

This is something that only He can properly see. He reveals it to us over time, but ultimately we are dependent on Him to find out who we are. Who we are is our core being, our identity in eternity. It is a name God gives us that only He knows, and that at some point He reveals to us (whether on this or that side of eternity). And it doesn't end, but gets deeper and deeper.

We are oysters with a pearl inside. Often we identify ourselves by the ocean around us, or by our outer shell. Other times we identify ourselves by our "muscles" inside which are attached to the shell and open and close the shell. But these identities are passing away with the world. What is real and eternal -- who we are -- is born in this shell, but is of a different substance, so to speak.

The tension and turmoil in our lives, all the events that have happened to us and the decisions we have made -- these come into play. But they are not our identity. God has put Himself in our lives, He has made us. He has been the little seed that entered the friction of our dark lives and that grows into a pearl.

Who am I? Who are you? Ask the One who made you. Don't define who you are by your shell, your muscles, or even by the pretty blue colors you sometimes find on your hard shell. Don't define who you are by passions which are here today and then disappear tomorrow. Who you are in Him is eternal, and shouldn't be confused with the noise of the soul and body -- "muscle" and "shell" things. Through His Spirit and His Word, He will tell you who you are in your inner being, in your spirit. Only He can show you the difference between soul and spirit.

Don't get trapped defining your life by hardness and friction, temptations and struggles, pains and passions. Don't settle for some blended embracing of those things as being "who you are." No, you're a pearl meant for eternity. He'll show you who you are in Him. And once He begins to show you who you are, remember that no matter what the rest of the shell & muscle looks like, it's passing away. Who you are is something He shows you and that you hold onto by faith, in spite of the friction around you.


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