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Looking Through Law

By Ramone - January 4, 2007

This is life looking through the glasses of the Law... all you see around you is sin, darkness, confusion, moral impurity, etc. You stand with arms folded and don't realize that you have a big head, and that you are just as dark as all that around you.

I can draw how silly this looks because I've stood in those shoes; I've worn those glasses. Thank God, He has removed the veil in His Son! We no longer need to look at ourselves (and at one another & the world) through the lenses of condemnation and the ministry of death! Instead we see that He has become our perfection, His grace has given us His righteousness.

Lord, help us truly see and take off the glasses of the Law. Help us see the light of Your Son, that He is our righteousness, that He alone is right. Help us free of judgment and condemnation. Help us count all these things as loss for the sake of knowing You are the only One that Father is pleased with. In Jesus' name, amen.

I added some more comments here on the FAF forum. Two other pictures will come out of this later. :)
Part II is here:

"Seeing by Grace"

I can't remember what the other (third) picture was! But this one certainly applies: "Grace"
The old link above to the extra comments on the FAF forum has expired because the forum moved. Here is a new link:

extra comments on the FAF forum

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