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By Ramone - April 18, 2007

I wanted to say more about "grace"... I had drawn one picture, but it was not enough. There is a song on a U2 album that contains the words written on this picture, and I think it captures the spirit of grace very well.

Grace washes you and makes you clean. His words clean you out and bring light into your dark places. His grace lets you know who you are, and His words tell you that He is God and He loves you. His words of grace tell you how He sees you in His eyes, and not only that, but how things really are. His words show you His heart, His heart for you (and His heart for others). His grace dries your tears and make you radiant, showing you that He is radiant when He thinks about you. His words show you that He cherishes you, that He wants you to be radiant:

Jesus Christ loved the church so much that gave His life up for her, in order to make her holy. Having cleansed her, He washed her with the water of His word to make her radiant, without stain, wrinkle, or any spot or blemish. He made her holy and blameless, calling her His own body. And no one ever hates his own body! Neither does Jesus. He cherishes us and nourishes us.

- Ephesians 5:23-33 (paraphrased)

Dear Ramone,

This is wonderful and very inspiring! I am so glad I found your blog site(s). For several years I have had a BIG heart for Japan. It's awesome to see your creativity, passion, and love for the Lord. Keep pressing in!

God bless you!

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