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By Ramone - April 2, 2007

When I was young, I remember being told that you can't touch a butterfly's wings. If you touch the wings, they won't fly anymore. When I fall or give into temptation, I feel like that, like I can never fly again.

As I felt like this, I thought of a butterfly. But what if His hand touched the butterfly? His hand who created the butterfly. Is anything impossible for God? Yes, he can fly again.

I remembered that Jesus often told people He healed, "Your faith has made you whole." Their faith in Him had healed them. They believed that He was able to do it, and they stepped forward to ask Him. Because they believed He could, that He was the one who could make them well.

Then I remembered that it is in You that I fly! I forget that so often, Lord! I get flying & then fall & break, feeling I can't do it again. But it was You who lifted me up in the first place.

"Rise up, church, with broken wings
Fill this place with songs again
Of our God who reigns on high
By His grace again we'll fly."

- Martin Smith, "Shout to the North"


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