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Den-Den Town

"Den-Den Town"

By Ramone - January 3, 2006

I'm a bit late in putting up this picture! I had not thought it fit the theme of this site, but then when I was sifting through pictures today I came across it and read what I'd written on the back -- a prayer for the Nippombashi area.

Nippombashi (or "Den-Den Town" - "electric town") is the electronics district of Osaka, located in the south. It's dying, though, because of large electronics stores opening in other parts of the city. Now smaller "otaku" stores are coming to the forefront -- places with comics, action figures, and pornography.

I used to work in Nippombashi for six months back in 2002. Behind the main street (pictured) there are more odd otaku stores and also homeless people, living in crates or boxes. There are also some apartments, but I think most people don't want to live in the Nippombashi area. I confess that it's a bit tiring for me to walk through, since I'm not an electronics person and crowds make me tired.

A few days after New Year's 2006 Yoko and I were relaxing in a cafe and I sketched this picture of the street outside. It was the first time, I think, that I used the gray-brush/black-ballpen combination, and I was very happy with it, which probably helped me think of it in a different way than the rest of the pictures on this site. But here is the prayer I wrote on the back:
1/3/06 from Holly's Cafe at Den-Den Town in Nipponbashi.

God, please come to Nippombashi, too, in Your time and in Your way.

Hmm, I feel You sneaking up the side streets... yes, where people live, where the homeless are, and even where the warui & otaku places are.

Jesus, come. I pray for Your presence & passion to fill the hearts of those in Nippombashi's streets, and to rest on that place & in those streets. In Jesus' name & Your perfect timing, Amen.

(You know all of them, each one who works, lives or visites there. You know each one & all, and how best to reach them with Your love! Lord! Holy Spirit reach them & draw them to You, Jesus. I claim them for You, in Iesu no namae, aamen.)


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