Monday, April 25, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 38

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The Relief of God's Kingdom of Love (2) Enfolded Once Again Ho! Come to the Waters!

With Me Here (sketch) Bring it to Me (it will be enough) The Promised Land

He Went to Pray The Sabbath Rest Deliverance

Gallery notes:

March 2009

I love Your colors, Lord! I see rest, peace and healing in every picture here, Lord! Thank You! I am overwhelmed! I am shocked! I am aghast! Thank You!!! Hallelu Yah! So be it! So be it, so be all things in You, Jesus Christ!


Tatami Gallery - 37

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The Interruption of God She's *My* Baby Passover

Humbly Receive On the Rivers "Covering"

Hope and a Future You Are My Peace! The Relief of God's Kingdom of Love (1)

Gallery notes:

February - March 2009

Somehow the theme of these pictures so far seems to be "humility"... a sort of "breakability" in God's sight, to be broken by Him, used by Him, molded, shattered, until we are like babes in His arms completely trusting Him. And that in this world of brokenness in pain, only what is Him and is His love will bring complete acceptance and relief. We are surrounded by the terror of a broken world and a broken life. But in Him we are accepted and lifted up, no matter what the world around us looks like. Even as we groan because of pain, He has joy for us when this long night is over, and today we taste that kingdom even in the midst of the broken world.


Tatami Gallery - 36

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Lift Up Your Eyes Agony I'd Rather Have Jesus!

Kiyomete kudasai Wash Over Me Oh Jerusalem!

For Such As I Behold and SEE! The Imprint of Christ

Gallery notes:

February 2009

Wow, ANOTHER gallery done in February! I have no idea how this happened, because I've been really busy with a lot of things going on now, but somehow enough pictures for more than two galleries have come out of the month of February. Go figure. God is good!

The "small pad" has made a return (Muji small postcard-size pad), which has been good. I think I'm also getting into a groove with ink & water. Someone out there may have noticed this quite awhile ago, but really, it is rare these days that I work with anything else, huh? *shrug* As He leads!

This gallery is as black-and-white monochromatic as the last gallery is "water" themed and full of blues. I like to think that it reflects in a sense the clear "black and white"-ness of the things pictured here, how they are just REALLY CLEAR and need no debate! These monochromatic pictures were done mainly while sitting in church.

The way I'm starting to "get" pictures is changing or evolving or I'm just "stretching" as well. Often I'll just see a certain shape, or certain mark or brushstroke, maybe in the corner of a picture, or across it. Then another one will come. And I'll wonder if I'm "seeing" something rightly or not. I might get an idea of what it is, I might not. I can't say this really happens in an organized way. But piece by piece the picture is built, and I am overwhelmed with His Spirit later on. Right afterwards I may feel nothing in the Spirit. But He confirms later on.

I think this is reflective of how He leads us!!! (>_<) Especially how He is leading me. Step by step, and He will open up our way before us as we go. Often we won't "be sure of things" completely until afterwards. Sometimes we will, sometimes we won't. But He is faithful to guide us, lead us, and bring us into His understanding in His time. That we can trust Him completely and utterly is no issue at all -- it's as clear as black and white!


Tatami Gallery - 34

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On Your Shoulders Safe in You (in that Day) In the Reeds

Deep Wound, Deeper God While We Were Still Sinners

Reconsecrating Eschatology... it's all about You, Jesus! The Sauna of Your Presence The Protest

Gallery notes:

January - February 2009

God, You are awesome. I am in awe. I am rocked. Thank You. Thank You for Your deep healing. For Your promise. For Your revelation, and for Your restoration. In Jesus' name I pray and praise You, amen.


Tatami Gallery - 35

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'King' - by Timo The Angel of Babylon Outpouring

Mighty Relief Mighty Relief (sketch) Love and Hope

Ruined! (1) Banner of Rest Battle Trumpet

Gallery notes:

February 2009

Wow, most of these (6 or 7 out of 9) are a result of feeling led by the Spirit to ask God His heart about the way we tend to view "eschatology". I've written and painted about some of these subject before, but He's really impacting it on my heart (and others' hearts) that it is all about Jesus. It's all about the gospel, all about His love. In a way, this picture set the stage for this gallery: Reconsecrating Eschatology. That picture came around the time I was beginning to feel led to pray about these things. Just beginning to grasp the depth of His heart about these things---that we re-focus our hearts on His and His Son---is really shaking me, and I want to SHOUT about it!! I want to BLOW IT LIKE A TRUMPET FOR ALL TO HEAR! IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS!!!


Tatami Gallery - 33

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Contact Zephaniah 3:17 With Dad

Stopped! Born in Christ! Layers

You & Your Family Come Rest Bound Together (sketch)

Gallery notes:

December 2008 - January 2009

A new year, new views of You, and new things You show us from Your view.
(>_<) I am thankful to You, Lord. Thank You for telling me this and showing me this, and all that You've showed me of the way You see things, and how much You love me and all of us. I bless your heart, Father, in Jesus' name. Amen, so be it!