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By Ramone - February 27, 2009

This is passover, the meal given for us by Father.
Not food for a ceremony, but this is His Son.
This is His very heart given for us on the cross.
I had never really tapped into Your heart, Father, when thinking of Passover. We got caught up in the symbolism, the shadows & type, the elements, what's included, how it's made, and just generally what we do with it. We look at it usually only through our end.

I want to see it through Your end. As I read the story of Josiah, I heard that note in Your heart through Josiah's voice when he said, "Come back to the Lord!" When he called Israel back to the Lord, it was You, Father, calling Your people back to You.

They'd had "Passover" but they had not known it was Your heart, it was Your sacrifice of Your Son. This picture began with the bitter herbs... not the ones Israel ate, but the one Your Son ate for us, and that You ate, Father in giving Him up to die for us. You were sharing Your food, Your meal, Your heart with us. You were saying, "Share My food; dine with Me; share My heart."
I can't fully explain this, but somehow I was and am moved in Father's heart as I see this. It's a new understanding of "Passover" for me. I don't keep the festival the ancient way anymore -- it has been transformed into a New Covenant for me now. But somehow God is still sharing His heart through it. Not through the mystical taking of this specific food, but rather in calling us to hear His heart, and Him then sharing His heart through what He gave so long ago.

I believe this is part of being God's friend -- sharing His "bitter pill", so to speak, the "bitter herbs". Looking upon Him who was pierced, and mourning with Father (see Zechariah 12:10). This love, knowing this love and entering into it... I think perhaps this is a foretaste of knowing more about that meal we will eat with Christ in the Kingdom to come.


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