Monday, March 02, 2009


She's My Baby

"She’s *My* Baby"

By Ramone - February 27, 2009

God gave me this picture when I was praying for some people who really need Him, who really need His love, but who don't know Him yet and are really hurting. He showed them to me like a little girl, and assured me that He's got her, He's birthed her, He's holding her and watching her. She's in His arms! And all I could do was cry and say was, "Thank You, Father!"

(Fun post-script: At the time of this picture, my wife was in the early stages of pregnancy. We didn't know yet if it would be a boy or girl, but I couldn't help but think, you know, this probably means it's a girl, too! And well, we had my daughter Joanna! =) It was one of several fun ways in which He told us "It's a girl" ahead of time. Hehe.)


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