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Oh Jerusalem (Your Home is Above!)

Oh Jerusalem!
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By Ramone - February 16, 2009
"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
- Yeshua ha Moshiach, Matthew 6:21
Oh Jerusalem, My love
Your treasures are above!
Here your cities crumble, fall,
Waste away and rust.

But inside you is a longing,
A longing for your home;
The Kingdom sure and eternal,
The King upon His throne.

Once in the past there was glory,
A glory now long gone;
A promise unfulfilled it seems,
An ache without a balm.

How hard and long you've struggled
To regain what was lost;
You've fought and killed and bled and died
For things not worth the cost.

You cry out "Oh Jerusalem!"
And I cry, too, it's true.
But when I cry "Jerusalem,"
It means I cry for you.

For you need no more blood to spill,
Nor for lost glory ache;
For I drank all the bitter pill,
I drank it for your sake.

An everlasting, new glory
I have for you above:
A Kingdom that is far surpassing,
Eternal as My love.

Your future is held in My hands;
Believing Me you're safe.
Look no longer to things below
Which distract from My face.

Oh daughter much beloved by Me,
Distracted is your gaze!
Oh that your eyes would turn to Me,
Instead of to a maze.

One thing is needed, just one,
To survive all to come;
A faith humbly to seek My face
And abide in My love.

To save your life ultimately
It must be counted loss.
Forget your house and great treasure;
Find peace, embrace My cross.

Oh Jerusalem, My love,
Your home is here above.
With Me, I long for you to be
At rest, safe in My love.


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Hi Ramone,

Such a beautiful image of Christ's love for His children in Luke 13.34. Thank you for painting this. I also enjoyed the other three paintings you just completed.

Your Brother,
Dave Scriven

I cannot stop the tears from falling or the deep wailing and groaning in my spirit over this picture! Oh that the cross and the gospel of our salvation would become the focus of our attention instead of Jerusalem. It's all about Jesus and what His tender love for us has accomplished in freeing us from our sins. Oh that He would break all of our hearts with the things that break His. I'm totally undone by what His heart is telling us...

Forever in Him,
Hi Ramone,

It's really beautiful, keep up the great work!

Hi Ramone,

I dont know which is more beautiful...the picture or the poem. Did you write the poem? It is so very beautiful...

Love and blessings

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