Sunday, February 08, 2009


The Sauna of Your Presence

"The Sauna of Your Presence"

By Ramone - February 2, 2009

Sometimes I just find it hard to sit still and be with Him. I want to understand and then "take it outside", so to speak. Staying there with Him makes me sweat! It makes my flesh sweat, so to speak (in the Biblical language).

But it's exactly what I need. Because as I rest there in Him and press on to Him, I end up dying to my urgent need to take what He's given me and "run with it".

Granted, I don't always do this! I think I more often do NOT do this! It's a new realization for me, a revelation of myself and what needs to DIE in me! Wow, He's hitting me with that right now! Okay, Lord.... (>_<)

When I do wait on Him and beat down my flesh (figuratively speaking), I am always blessed. I end up in a deeper rest in Him, in a greater assurance that He's in control, and just with a lot greater PEACE about everything, in me and running through me.


See also: "Unburdening" (at Weeping Jeremiahs)


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