Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Gently Broken

By Ramone - October 23, 2008

This is a picture of Christ's beloved bride. She is broken. Her efforts to try and keep the old covenant laws only showed her how much she failed and fell short. She finds she has no hope, no rest, and is dressed in filthy rags. And in this place of her greatest brokenness, the gentle hands of her Savior reach down to lift up her head, hiding her view of her broken works and moral righteousness, bringing her gaze instead up to Him, to see Him instead of her perfection or how pure she isn't. And here she finds peace. Here she lays down her burden, a yoke too heavy for her to carry, and finds rest for her soul in Him, her Beloved. She finds that He Himself is her Sabbath-rest. Forever.

Bless you in Jesus' name, in His love.


This picture came as I was praying for my friend Cherry Brandstater's website, "Gently Broken", which the Spirit led her to put together to minister to the hearts of Seventh-day Adventists in desperate need of relief and rest in Jesus Christ alone. She used it for the introduction to her study about the Sabbath here: "Ultimate Rest" (Introduction)


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