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By Ramone - May 20, 2010

The title is Cherished. There are four people sitting together. Their faces look tired or perhaps sad. I don't know what is in the baskets, nests, perhaps. I think the drawing of Jesus, who is standing, is cherishing what is in the nests, and also aware of the hearts of those who are sitting.

Michael Lindner
Hi Michael, I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to answer you back. This painting, "Cherished", depicts some older ladies that He laid on my heart. Inside the nests are quilt pieces, representing the dreams, hopes, wishes and desires that they used to have, but for one reason or another let go of years ago. The meaning of the picture is that He hasn't forgotten their hopes, desires & dreams. He hasn't forgotten that thirst for life in them, that dream of joy and fulfillment that the world often seems to render cynically hopeless and encourages you to abandon. As we love and pray for these people, they are going to see Him picking up dreams and desires, and they will begin to remember what had been buried under the ashes of life's difficulties.

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