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Suffering Redeemed

Suffering Redeemed

By Ramone - March 15, 2010

A friend asked me if I would paint a picture for him, so I prayed and this is what God showed me. My friend had literally been beaten up because of his beliefs, because he believed in doing the right thing and treating people fairly. It was a very difficult situation and difficult to change people with hardened, unloving hearts. When I prayed, God told me to tell & show my friend that all of his sufferings are redeemed in Jesus Christ. Jesus didn't do anything wrong, He treatd people fairly, He helped and loved the weak, but people beat and killed Him. Not just "people", but *we* beat and killed Him. My sins did it! He suffered for all of our sins.

So all of our pains and sufferings are redeemed in His wounds. Nothing is wasted in Him. Every wound we have suffered, every scar, every pain ... everything will be healed in Him. Everything will be made useful in Him. Nothing will have been fruitless in our lives, even in the things we did (or that happened to us) before we believed in Him. He redeems everything. That means He brings good things out of every bad thing that we have suffered (or that we have done to others, too!). In other words: God wins! In everything! Love wins! In everything! Even if pains and sufferings come today, we can look at Him and His wounds and we can know that He has already won. Everything will be redeemed.


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