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By Ramone - April 8, 2010

This picture was painted at a cafe on April 8, 2010...

I asked You what was on Your heart for people here. You said, praying for harvesters. So this is a picture of us agreeing with You, praying for harvesters to go give Your love & proposal (marriage!) to people who You love so much, who need You so much! You are in our midst as we call on You & ask in Your name for Your will! And You are saying "Thank you!" (Thank You, Lord!)

I can't help but wonder about the word "agree", and how it has the sound of "unity" to it... is there a message from Your heart about "unity", Lord? Yes...

Your "unity" comes through the act of loving. Not through a static feeling (a noun, "love"), but it is in the action of loving (a verb). Often in a church or group we want to "be unified" or feel unified, believe all the same thing, or have the Holy Spirit in everybody working through everybody, etc. And a lot of our attempts to reach those goals fall flat.

Unity and the flowing of the Spirit come as we extend ourselves in loving others, in praying for others, caring for others, sharing with others, confessing to, repenting to, forgiving others, and especially through carrying one another's burdens.

So is Your message here, "Be one"?

"No", You say. "Be filled with My heart for them!!"

When we focus on "be one", we're worrying about ourselves, about our appearance, about our own mechanics and perfect state. I feel You saying to us to stop worrying about "us" and start thinking about "them" instead, about loving others instead. Then we will be "united" with Your heart, because Your heart is for them, too! And as a nice side-effect, we'll end up a lot more united with each other, too.

In other words, the key to John 17 "unity" is John 13 "love"!

One more note, about "harvesting". Usually we think only of getting decisions, conversions, and then multiplying those. Often we're not interested in them (the people themselves) like You are! We love people enough to convert them, and then leave them after they've converted. Then when they begin to feel the emptiness, we try to make them find fulfillment by converting others (the same as we've done for ourselves).

But you don't just want to "convert" or "save" people. You want to be with them, and forever! You want to marry them! Spend time with them, continually love them and enjoy being with them. "Loving" for us is often a means to the end of getting a conversion, instead of the end itself. But for You, loving is itself the ends!

Here in this picture, You and Your people are in agreement on this, and You are crying to us to ask for harvesters interested the same kind of "harvest" that You are!

"Cry out! Long with Me for them! Agree with Me!"


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