Friday, August 03, 2012


About This Page (and Where I Am Now...)

This blog chronicles my journey in painting with Jesus
between Spring 2005 and Spring 2010. I enjoyed sharing
each picture I made here, but once you get behind on
posting pictures, it's really really hard to catch up!
(And maintaining the "tatami gallery" index was also
quite a lot of work.)

So I have come to accept that I won't ever be able to
catch up, and the time has come for me to wrap up this
blog. I will most definitely leave it here online, but
I must let go hoping that I'll continue it someday.

I have posted artwork on FACEBOOK from the years since
this blog stopped, and will continue to do so.

ART on FACEBOOK:!/ramone.romero/photos

Additionally, as I've continued to paint and pray,
I've felt led to begin some other pages:

Finally, I have put together a portfolio page
with selected art and other photos:

Thank you so much for all your love, your prayers,
your comments, encouragements and support!

Bless you in Jesus!
Ramone Romero


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sunan Haluk GÖKŞEN arı kovanı
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