Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The Cave Exit

By Ramone - February 5, 2007

The other night as I was laying in bed, I remembered some encouraging comments a friend had made about something I had written, how God had blessed them and spoken to them through it. It's funny how sometimes something that seems normal or clear to you can be incredible to someone else. As I thought of this, I felt the Lord remind me of something that had happened maybe when I was maybe about 12 years old at summer camp...

I was on something called "teen outpost", which meant we didn't stay at the camp but instead went "out" to places to do some activities there instead. I chose the "whitewater rafting & rock climbing" outpost, which took us to West Virginia. It was sooo awesome, even though I had to leave camp early because my ankle swelled up after I got bit by a bat (we think) and I had to get rabies shots... but that's another story! I got to basically do everything I signed up for plus more:

We seemed to find some extra time early on and decided that in addition to our planned activites, we would go caving as well! It was all fun in retrospect, but at the time the fun wore off when the cold, dark & muddy cave seemed to just go on, and on, and on, and on! Actually, we got lost and didn't know the way out. At one point we stopped in an open area and were going to go left, but I noticed some writing painted on a rock wall, indicating that the way out was to the right. I didn't think much of it but told someone about it anyway. The leaders ended up heeding the sign and we eventually got to the surface.

Later that evening at devotion time, they made a point of thanking God for noticing that arrow. I didn't think much of it because after all, I just saw it there, that was all. But the other night God brought it back to me, helping me understand how He uses me and others. We sometimes notice things that others don't. It's not about "us", but rather we just point people to the signs He's already put up to lead us out of the "caves" we tend to get lost in.

Oh, and I finally thanked God for showing us that writing on the wall. (^_^)

...And by the way, this is also a reminder to all us spiritual "elders" not to think that your spiritual "age" means you see more than the "baby Christians"! Be humble and let God show you things through "children". (^_^)

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