Monday, January 15, 2007


Held Up!

By Ramone - January 14, 2007

This picture is part of a series (see this link) that came as God talked to me after soaking in our Japanese bath one night. I asked Him why my struggle with lust had gone on so long, and He said it was because He would use it to help other people into freedom from lust. I cried so hard when He told me that. And we talked for awhile after that, and this was one of the pictures that came out.

This was the first of five pictures He showed me that night. He showed me that He was holding me up. He had just showed me a few days earlier that I was a butterfly (born again through struggle against my old shell, my old, dead body), but sometimes I fell or was tempted, and yet He has been here holding me up the whole time. He is under me, and will not let me go. He is the One who makes me soar. He is the One who makes me fly, whether I can see Him or not. Thank You, Lord!


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