Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Jesus Loves China

By Ramone - September, 2006

I drew this on the back of the menu at a Chinese "okayu" restaurant in Umeda. It was sometime in early September, I think, and I was with my wife and maybe also with her sister. I'd brought the brown brush-pen with me and wanted to use it. In the background they were playing Chen-Min's popular CD of "kokkyu" (or "nikko") music. I love the beautiful, peaceful sound, and I just wanted to be filled with God's heart for China. God is Chinese. He's Japanese. He's American. He's Arabian. He loves us all, and He plays our music better than we do. I want to hear them music of His heart and see peoples through His eyes of love for them, for who they are--beautiful in His sight--and for how much they mean to Him.


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