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By Ramone - September 29, 2006

I thought of this picture when I was remembering something the Lord made me smile about the night before. I remember some short years ago I was praying with a friend who had left a particular church because of a sensing that the Spirit was being grieved. We were travailing in prayer for the church, and I remembered being given a word from 2nd Kings, "Therefore lift up your prayer for the remnant that is left."

God was calling us to pray for the people who were honestly seeking Him & loving Him. At that time, things looked pretty difficult & hopeless in the church. But now today, years later, lots is happening! There is still a spiritual battle going on for that church, but the "remnant" has grown and is stronger and more unified before! They are praying together, studying together, and learning together.

God, You warmed my heart with this!

I had been feeling hopeless about the idea of "only a remnant" being left, but no! "Remnant" is powerful!! It was right that we should pray for them, but it didn't need to be as hopeless as I felt about things in my mind. The "remnant" has grown larger... or rather the remnant that prayed (which especially includes us) has interceded, and things have changed! At that time it was not finally finished (and it still is not yet finished).

But I've learned this: Pray when He leads! Seek His face & His view of the situation---the view from His heart.

Thanks Jesus. Amen.


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