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By Ramone - September 13, 2006

I first made a sketch of this picture while waiting for my wife at the hospital during one of her pregnancy visits. I just had this itching to start drawing circles in a certain pattern, starting here, then going back, then dipping this way, etc. I remember a comment I read in a book somewhere (but I can't remember which book or where), which said that a careful study of Scripture reveals that the Trinity are locked in a constant love relationship with one another, lavishing love on one another. That's this picture.

And the incredible thing is that they've brought us into the middle of their love! (See John 14, 15, 16 and 17)... Hmm, there's another picture... (see the sequel!)

I saved this comment from a brother on the FAF forum as well:

When the Bible teaches that the Father, Son, and Spirit are personally distinct, it is describing the eternal personal relationships that have always existed within the one Being that is YHWH. You see, YHWH did not need to create us for companionship or love (that was an act of grace). YHWH does love us, but He doesn't "need" us to fulfill Him in anyway. He is complete in and of Himself. YHWH's existence has always been defined by eternal personal relationships that are intrinsic to Himself. He has always experienced personal relationships of love, communication, and interaction even before all creation. We are told that the Father loves the Son and the Son loves the Father. We see that the Father speaks to the Son and the Son speaks to the Father. We also see the Holy Spirit interact with the Father and Son as at Jesus' baptism. These personal relationships have always existed within YHWH. As someone else (Dd I think) mentioned earlier, we even see hints of this all the way back in Gen. 1 where terms such as "Us" and "Our" are used by God of Himself. There's also the fact that "Elohim" used throughout the OT (Tanek) for "God" uses a plural form.
Lord, thank You for who You are, for the eternal love that You are. Thank You for the love between Father, Son and Spirit, for revealing this beautiful love to us, and for drawing us into the middle of this love to receive it. We love You so much, God. You love us so much more, and You are love. Love doesn't exist by itself, but is always in motion, always loving and blessing others. You've shown us into Your own soul, how You've loved Your Son, Your Father, Your Spirit for all ages. Like the sun, it's like passionate flames licking up and burning whatever it reaches. Thank You for making us in Your love, and for drawing us into Your love.

I think God is blessing you and am interested in what the Spirit is speaking to others like you. The Holy Spirit is my new guide. Thanks for so much of your imput on former Adventist website. I am michelled.

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