Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today is Enough

By Ramone - January 20, 2007

This picture is part of a series (see this link) that came as God talked to me after soaking in our Japanese bath one night. He let me know He was holding me up in His love, grace and security--sustaining me--in my long battle against lust. And He let me know that I was going through a lot of this because He would use it to help me "cry together with" others who were going through the same thing. He would redeem what I'd been through and use it to set others free. Thank You, Lord!

Of course, the effect of this was overwhelming on me (once I surrendered to it, to Him and His ways & sovereignty!). However, as strong as I then felt, I at once began to doubt and worry about "tomorrow" -- what would happen if I "fell" tomorrow again? Should I avoid making promises now or vows? Should I avoid getting too excited to hope this was the end?

This picture was His response! He had been using butterflies to speak to me of who I am in Him (flying by faith with wings strengthened through coming out of my old body's cocoon). I saw this picture moving, actually. The butterfly hovering over my watch. I couldn't see what time it was. He was letting me know that now is enough! "Don't worry about tomorrow. Today's junk is enough. Rest in Me now. Leave tomorrow to Me."


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