Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Made Whole

By Ramone - April 2, 2007

I first sketched guy --nicknamed "Stitch-Man"-- in the middle of the night back in February. He's all of us. He's what God is doing with us. And we must praise Him for it.

We think being "whole" means that you're smooth & perfect, and that being "made whole" means becoming that. But really, being made whole means He stitches you up, gives you a new heart, and you just look up and thank Him. You still see the stitches, just like He has the nail scars. And you'll get more stitches. But in each one you see His grace.

Thank You, Jesus. (^_^)

"Men of faith, rise up and sing
Of the great and glorious King
You are strong when you feel weak,
In your broken-ness, complete."

- Martin Smith, "Shout to the North"


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