Monday, June 11, 2007



Nursing time is precious for both baby and mother (^-^) Look at that cute little arm!

By Ramone - May 20 & June 4, 2007
You brought me out of the womb;
You made me trust in You even at my mother's breast.
From birth I was cast upon You;
from my mother's womb You have been my God.

- Psalm 22:9-10
It's so beautiful to watch my wife nursing baby Timothy. Watching her joy as she watches him is beautiful to behold, and I can only begin to understand the love that she feels for him in this time, as well as the love he feels for her as he looks up at her and receives life from her. In watching all of this I'm learning so much about God, His love, and how He feels about us. Thank You for all of this, God.


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