Monday, June 11, 2007



By Ramone - June 8, 2007

The night before as I was walking home I was feeling like a failure ...with temptation, resisting, warfare, standing. I knew it was a time of testing, a time that He's bringing me through -- like GOLD! (Job 23:10)

But in the midst of all these feelings, I felt that He still had me, He still held onto me. And I held onto Him, onto His lifeline! It's strong! It picks me up! His hold is stronger & won't let me go, my Daddy! (^_^) He's pulling me along, and I'm securely held to Him from deep inside.

This is kind of how I saw it that night -- although for some reason I didn't draw it at night, but at daytime. Just seemed right. It felt like there was this cord in the midst of all my failures and unsteadiness, this cord that went up from me to Him, and He was pulling me off the ground!

I didn't know how to show the "attachment" of the lifeline to me, so I drew the Baby Bjorn harness that we use to carry baby Timothy around in! I thought it's beautiful and appropriate -- just as we hold Timothy in it close to us, He holds us close to Him, harnessed to Him by faith and by His faithfulness. The cord of faith is strong in Him -- He holds it!


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