Sunday, April 24, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 7

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Comfort (Stretch!) - into His arms Flame - see how great a flame aspires, kindled by a spark of grace...! Swimming in Theology Wide Focus - sometimes I focus on seeing the galaxy of truths and miss Him right in front of me

Wesley Prayer - a prayer by John Wesley from the heart Walk On - perspective on the 'Christian walk' Above the Darkness - where He has brought us! Osaka Evangelistic Tabernacle - in Nishinari ward, Osaka City... 'when you give a banquet, invite the poor who cannot pay you back...'

Megumi - the Japanese character for 'grace'... Comfort 2 - the Lord and us in His arms! Carrying His Heart (1) - the Lord is looking for us to carry His heart in the harvest... Carrying His Heart (2) - the Lord is looking for us to carry His heart in the harvest...

Gallery notes:

July - August 2006

We've still got a lot of pictures on the backburner waiting to be finished, but these are new, although the first one is actually from March. All but one are on the small postcard pad size, but the greater theme this time seems to be the incessant usage of the grey & black Japanese calligraphy pens, featured in every picture! I suppose this is the "ink" gallery.

But anyhow, I'm thankful to God. I thought the "lull" in pictures was really long, and suddenly these popped out of nowhere.

Another interesting thing is that for the first time I re-visted pictures ("Comfort") and found that I could add words, particularly in Japanese. They could be mass-produced or something scary like that, each with its own unique character. Hmm. As you'll see in "Megumi" there are a few 'versions'. But at least with the Japanese writing I'm somewhat justifying the "in Japan" part of this art blog's title. (^_^)


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