Sunday, April 24, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 4

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Banners Series - 'You are awesome as with banners'... Gush Forth - 'The desert and parched land will be glad'... 3F - 'I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem' The Conveyor Belt - It's a low, humble path underneath you, but it's moving, and it's bigger than you!

Be Lifted Up! - Oh Jesus, please be lifted up... Life - If we stick to Jesus, everybody will be smiling... (by Yoko) The Prayer Closet - where Father is waiting to fill us with His presence Light of the World - You shine upon us!

Sometimes - There's times when it's all you can do...! Giving Way - to the 'winter' season... Intercession - 'Daddy, please, come in here...' One Thing - One thing I ask, Lord...

Gallery notes:

January - February 2006

As in the last gallery these are all pretty small in size. Time has been short and I've only worked on little F1 size (like B5) pads or postcard pads. And one of these is Yoko's! Yaay! Soon I hope to squeeze another out of her, hehe... maybe in the next gallery (coming soon to a webpage near you!). I hope the "sketchy-ness" of these isn't too sub-standard. I suppose a couple of ought to be made larger and less monochrome in the future, but... we'll see. :)


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