Friday, February 10, 2006


Giving Way

By Ramone - January 28, 2006

Thhe "wilderness" season is a place God takes us through for many reasons that are hard to see at the time. Often it's a time when He is building our trust in Him, or a time of change, or a time when He seems to withdraw in order to draw out our hunger to be with Him even more. Or all or none of the above. It feels like winter, often, especially when the beautiful "good stuff" of yesterday disappears.

My bro RK and I realized that God was changing the nature of our prayer walks in one area, and we were entering a "winter" season. Winter is a time when it seems like nothing is growing, when all the beautiful flowers of yesterday have fallen and died. Yet critically important growth is happening under the surface; and snow is also said to bring nutrition that can't come from the rain. Flowers fall away, and after a seemingly eternal season of seeing nothing, fruit will come where the flowers used to be.

Jesus promised new life would come forth. We don't have to be afraid of letting go of the good things He's done before. He brings life from death, resurrection from the cross. Let Him hold you and don't fear the giving way of yesterday's beauty. He'll hold you and bring you even closer through the wilderness & the winter, and you will see joy in Him.


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