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Luke 15

By Ramone - January 7, 2006

Okay, here's another one I don't fully understand! (Lord, show me Your heart, show me the meaning! Thank You! Why didn't I ask You sooner? Sheesh, haha!) I bought a new Japanese calligraphy pen at Tokyu Hands, this time blue, and wanted to draw something on the way home, but nothing came and I didn't just want to do it/something for the pen's sake, ya know!

Lately (that day, in fact) I was thinking of how the gospel book of Luke is blue. Matthew is red. Mark? Dunno. Orange? John? Maybe red, or black. Dunno. But Luke is blue! I don't know exactly why, it's just a feeling I have (and Yoko understands it, haha). Maybe it has something to do with the amount of red-letter at the beginning of Matthew. **shrug**

After eating at home & typing, I got on the subway to go back to work. I was going to take out my little New Testament, but pulled out the pad & pen. The picture of blue ribbons quickly flashed in my mind, and then Jesus coming behind them.

But what was it? His coming? Luke? His ascension (His coming the same way He left
in Luke/Acts)? His birth? Later at home with Yoko I got it! It's Luke 15 -- His party! And His coming! Three times in Luke 15 He calls us to rejoice with Him and be glad!

Why "blue"? I'm not too sure. Someone once said it was symbolic of royalty, and hey that's cool (but I haven't yet discovered that Biblically). Somehow I also feel that blue is the color of repentance (but I don't know why!) ... and it's the message of John the Baptist in Luke 3. I used blue for the repenting person in this picture, mainly 'cause I didn't know what other color to use... but now for some reason I feel it's blue. Oh well!

A thing that struck me the other day when reading Luke 15 was how the younger son wanted to come back and be a servant, and the Father was like, "No, you're still My son." I don't know why, but He speaks to me very personally through that... that no matter what you've done, to Him you were a son to begin with, and even now no matter where you've gone, you're still His son. Come back! Hear Him speak it into your heart, and be truly happy in the glad party He throws for you with His arms open wide!

A nice lady left this comment on the Artist's forum (which you can find a link to on

Hi Ramone:

I'm new to this group and just getting the hang of navigating this site. I just viewed your art-for-jesus and loved it! Even as a child I used to find myself emersed in a sea of color and emotional experience that was very spiritual. In response to your painting Luke 15, you might find a book by Rose Crownover helpful, "The Symbolic
Meanings of Colors". I have done a study on color with some friends
and found this book confirms the deeply evocative emotions generated by color. Each color represented has appropriate scriptures accompanying it with further artistic and phsychological explanations.

Just a little bit more about the color blue (from this book): Heaven and Authority, Holy Spirit, Integrity, Loyalty, Justice, Revelation, Priesthood, "Jehovah Color", Serenity, Faithfulness, Covenant and Remembering. Blues have a calming, peaceful effect. Pulse & heart rate are known to actually decrease in the presence of cool colors. It is the color of water and thus calls us deep. Physiologically blue promotes concentration and comtemplation. It is an inward pull. David writes, "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me." (Psm. 47.2). Yet blue is also othe color of the vast expanse of the skies. This pulls us outward & upward, challenging us to expand our horizons, calling us into a pursuit of the Most High. Goethe calls blue "a spiritual, non-sensuous does not press in on us, it pulls us out into the remote...evokes impressions of expanse and distance and boundlessness."

Biblical History: The Hebrew word for blue is tekheleth. This color was used extensively (along with scarlet and purple) in the furnishing of the Tabernacle of Moses & the garments of the High Priest, tassels on Hebrew garments as well as royal raiment. The dye for tekheleth came from the gland of a variety of shellfish, Murex trunculus, found on the coast of the Mediterranean. It took over 12,000 mollusks to make 1-1/2 grams of dye which is just barely enough to dye material for one dress. Indigo, which has been in use for over 4,000 years, was another source of blue dye during Bible times. It was produced through quite an extensive process from the leaves of the indigo plant, native to India. After being cut and tied into bundles the plants were placed into vats and covered with fresh watear. Almost immediataely the mixture began to ferment. It was left to steep 10-15 hours until fermentation was nearly completed. The liquid, slimy and golden-yellow in color, was then beaten with sticks which exposed it to the air and caused the color to change from golden-yellow to green and then to blue. It was strained through cloth, cooled and pressed into bars. Indigo was prized for its color-fastness and resistance to fading in sunlight. The making of indigo is much like the making of a Christian.

Purple is one of my favorite colors so I have painted my bedroom 4 shades of purple mixed with a little green. This makes my bedroom a perfect bridal chamber for soaking in the presence of Christ, especially while listening to "Cloud By Day" and "Fire By Night" CDs. For this reason I was deeply moved by Gwen's painting "Standing in Waves of Glory" (by the way, my name Melody Lynn means "musical waters"). I'm delighted to say the original was still available for purchase so I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of this precious annointed piece to hang over my bed.

I look forward to seeing more of your work. ;-)


(her second comment)

Hi Ya'll:

I'd posted a reply to Ramone earlier but thought I'd share some information about a wonderful book I'd mentioned called, "The Symbolic Meanings of Colors" by Rose Crownover copyright 2004. The scriptural references and biblical history of each color you'll find fascinating as well as inspiring. "Throughout history various colors have taken on symbolic meanings. This booklet explores the possible symbolic meanings of colors in scripture, nature, history and art, and how God might be making Himself known through color....There is a strong relationship between light and color....Yellow (scripturally Gold) represents the Father; red, the Son (whose blood was shed for us); and blue, the Holy Spirit."

I think I got the book on the Elijah List awhile back, but just in case here is the contact information:

Rose Crownover
1032 NW Regent Drive
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Melody Lane
I really needed to see that Ramone. Thanks.
After ALLLLL that wondering and commenting, looking back on this years later, I can see the simple explanation of this picture:

It's our Father in Jesus welcoming us prodigal children back to His arms. It's His party for us. It's Him running to us, the confetti and charges against us flung in the air as we return to Him in repentance to depend on Him and let Him be our redemption. This is the party of our redemption, our welcoming.

When He comes for us in the clouds, I think it will look much the same to us -- Father in Christ coming to welcome all of us (His prodigals) home into His arms. Thank You, God! Thank You, Father, thank You Jesus!

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