Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Watch the Darkness

By Ramone - November 26, 2005

This is a picture of a vision my friend David had while praying and bathing, I believe. I showed him some of the pictures on this site, and this one reminded him of his vision.

A figure his size & shape was standing in darkness. There was no light, but then light came out of the darkness. There was a ball of light, like the sun (like the setting sun in a picture he has on his cellphone).

He felt the Lord telling him to start watching the dark... it would start to take shape. When we pray & meditate, we tend to run from the darkness and look for the light, but don't be afraid... if you watch the shape the darkness is taking, He'll bring light out from right there.

That was before Yoko & I took a Thanksgiving trip back to the States. I drew/painted the picture with watercolor pencils in a cafe in Maryland. Later, back in Osaka, I met David at a Starbucks in Yotsubashi-Shinsaibashi and discussed it again with him. Here's some of his comments:

That picture is like, "Okay, I'm gonna give you this, but it's just the beginning. Now you have to live with this & deal with this." That whole process is something that has to be walked out. It's just coming to terms with the realty of dying, really dying. It's something we have to experience. The whole figure is black... "Out of the darkness (your death) I'll bring you this." "If you want to see, look into that [darkness]." I think it's just God bringing you what you ask for, what you pray for... When it happened it was kind of shocking. "You asked me to give you a new heart and a new spirit. Here it is, Here's My Spirit"... a ball of fire, of living water. We're made in God's image. The silhouette was my shape. God's taking us through to bring us to what we were originally supposed to be. "This is you, who you're created to be."


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