Tuesday, November 08, 2005



By Ramone - November 6, 2005

This happened the other night as I was going to sleep. I can't remember what was weighing me down or what I was feeling or thinking of, but I looked up and saw my only hope & my only peace -- Jesus, my Savior, my perfect one, the one who loves me. I scribbled this picture on a scrap of paper near my bed and later drew it. It's how I felt, and how crazy things can be sometimes around you so that you can't even see yourself. All you can do is look up out of the mess and glimpse Christ Jesus.

The only word I can call it is "worship". I don't know why, but maybe it's because we're in situations like this a lot whether we feel like we're in them or not. And He loves us so much and really loves when we love Him and see Him. Maybe it's moments like these when things are really clear, after all. Whatever the case, Jesus, I praise You and bless Your name. Thank You for being above the cloud & dust in our lives, Jesus, and for holding onto us.


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