Tuesday, November 29, 2005



By Ramone - November 26, 2005

I drew this last Saturday while hanging out at the Savory cafe in Takoma Park, Maryland. My wife, her sister and I were all visiting my mom for the Thanksgiving holiday, and my aunt came from Minnesota to visit, too. We'd all been going around shopping and seeing sights during the week, and by Saturday maybe it was breaktime, haha. My mom & her sister went to church, and Yoko & Michi went to walk around the Four Corners area and relax at Starbucks. I chose to go to the Savory cafe where my friend Brian Wells is the general manager. Since he was working, we couldn't chat the whole time, but we did get to chat a lot. During the times when he was working, I did this picture and "Watch the Darkness".

The idea came a good while ago. It's His hands, wiping my heart clean, taking my dirt, and making my heart "pika-pika"! (Which is a cute way of saying "shiny" in Japanese). It was refreshing to draw this at a cool artsy cafe like Savory. It's also nice to remember, because often my heart feels dirty & mucky, but He cleans me over and over and shows me that all the dirt & muck is not the real thing, that underneath He's given me a new heart, and that's the real thing, and it's pika-pika in Him!


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