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By Ramone - April 6, 2005

This is the first of the really new pictures, the first one after I bought a new pad and plunged forward. I had made the "first pics" but I hadn't really understood (or been able or ready to understand) that God would give me art in Him.

I was in the bathroom (hey, that's where I first really prayed in real brokenness and my relationship with God started!), and I had my new big art pad of thin pages and some soft charcoal. I didn't know what I'd draw. The worshiping figure is something I like and was stuck on for a bit, and I was also influenced by Gwen Meharg's worship flowers (see this picture and this one).

The first part that came was the wind. It's the Spirit. Then after that came the worship figure, which, at the end of it, turned out like a candle. It reminds me now of how a friend would be filled with the Spirit and would rock back and forth, similar to Jews at the wailing wall. When I talked with a Jewish friend, he told me the symbolism was like a candle flickering in the breath of God. When I told my friend of that, well, the Spirit bore witness basically saying, "Yeah, that's right!"

Now that I think about that, it seems like He was giving this picture to say this:

"The wind comes first. The Spirit comes before you even lift your arms in worship, and it's from Him that your worship comes. He lights the fire inside of you. And as you worship Him, you become a candle. Jesus said, 'You are the light of the world', and when you know Him as your light, you'll begin to know that He sees you as His light, too. You're the light of His world! And lost in that love, in adoring Him, your light shines like a candle, flickering in the breath (Spirit) of God."


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