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By Ramone - November 4, 2005

I thought I'd explain this one by posting a chat I had with a friend today. I think it's interesting, though, to write down your impression of the picture before you read what it means. I'd like to hear those impressions.

(Chat from November 12, 2005)

RR: One more picture...

SA: What on earth is happening in that picture?

RR: lol! A Christian co-worker saw that picture yesterday and had some interesting ideas about it. I thought it would be fairly obvious but apparently was wrong, haha

SA: There's some kind of deliverence happening

SA: and of course, many men can relate to the woman with rays of super-seduction-and-beauty overwhelming us

RR: lol ... "rays of super-seduction"

SA: or, the Seduct-O-Ray

RR: lol

RR: Yeah, well, "Deliverance" would be a good title for it

RR: You caught the theme quicker than my friend did yesterday, haha. But once I said it to him, he understood instantly

RR: It basically works from left to right, row by row, except for the bottom row which has three late additions. The whole style could be called "cave painting", hehe, even though it's all soft pastel & no paint 't'all.

RR: The "rays" are the part that I understood the other day while being tempted... it's what the enemy throws at you, and usually it feels like it knocks you over, and then you find yourself praying and crying out to God... hence the guy with a puddle of tears. The two guys flanking him are not friends ... they're also him ...because fighting lust temptation feels like your soul is splitting in two or three parts... some of you wants it, some of you doesn't, and well, that's how it feels. Then you try & do throw that bad heart down, stomp on it, etc., and then still all you see are the rays coming at you (center)

RR: The other day when this was happening to me, Jesus inserted Himself in the picture (amidst the rays) and that was really cool, and that's when you really rise up like an eagle over the rays, when you see Him and hold onto Him

RR: On the left, you discover that He is at the bottom of your heart which feels so dirty. And on the bottom right, you learn that all of this is covered under the blood of His cross... He's covered all of it, and the cross changes all of this

RR: and on the far bottom right is the rivers of living water flowing from out of your heart in all this & from all this... somehow He is bringing life out of this. He's flowing through you and out of you.

SA: It is like a cave painting

RR: Yeah, that's the irony... the whole thing often feels like it's you alone in a cave, but really this is a very, very ancient thing and we're not the first to pass through this cave, if you know what I mean

RR: So hey, I'm scribbling on the walls for others who pass through, I guess, and probably because I don't know what else to do, ha! I think for most men this is something that's hidden in darkness, and that makes it harder. So here's the painting on the wall of that cave, brought out into the light. And the Light does shine in our darkness, and the darkness can't overcome it.


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