Monday, November 14, 2005



By Yoko - April 12, 2005

Yoko and I sat down together on April 12th and did art together for the first time. I'd recently picked it up again (but this time with a new heart) and Yoko decided to join me. She even got her own pad a night or two before when we went to the art supply store together.

The 12th yielded maybe half a dozen pictures; this was her first time with charcoal, and well, you can see what happened! She hid it from me and wouldn't let me look until she was finished. You should've seen the grin on her face when she showed it to me! I told you she has a beautiful heart & perspective! She doesn't think she's good at art, but I know better, hehheh...

Hey folks, it's not about technique or even about originality -- instead it's about heart & perspective. C'mon, isn't it hard to look at this picture without smiling? See, that's what a Jesus-heart does inside of you! And that's what Jesus-art can do to you, too. (Thank You, Lord, for Your smiling heart in my wife!)


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