Thursday, May 26, 2005



By Ramone & Yoko - May 24, 2005

This was Yoko's idea! She sketched it on a small pad once and didn't think she'd ever get to painting it, so I did it for her. I think it's beautiful and shows the beautiful heart & perspective God has given her! She said:

"The feeling when I had it [the picture] was safe or secure... like the butterfly or any animal doesn't usually rest on our hands. But on Jesus' hand they feel 'Aaaah!' and sigh because they know where it's safe, where to go home."

it is a beautiful enterpretation I would say...

My friends Sonja & David said this picture reminded them of "trust" and "regeneration". :)
Isn't it wonderful that nature as well as all of us can rest in or on God's hands and feel that we are safe and at home. NML

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