Tuesday, May 24, 2005


He Holds All Nature in His Hand

By Ramone - May 22-23, 2005

This is the best impression I could sketch of a feeling I had after visiting Arashiyama in Kyoto with my wife and our friends Matt & Jane Shores this last Sunday. It was a rainy day but the mountains --which we could see up close-- were beautiful. Cloudy skies & rain really bring out the green in nature! I was filled with love for nature and wanted to show it somehow. It's so much more beautiful than I can describe! God is wonderful.

He holds all nature in His hand,
Tree, leave, river and grass.
He sees every leave that falls to the ground
(even in springtime).
We know He sees because
He sent His Son
To show us His heart forever.

Great picture and thought. God is so wonderful to us in all the views of nature. NML

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