Thursday, May 05, 2005


Love Grows!

By Yoko - May 5, 2005

Love grows! It starts with Jesus because all love comes from Him, and then it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger! It includes you and me and keeps growing to touch all of us.

Last night Yoko and I were talking about love and I was astonished when she said, "Love is alive." Did you ever think of it that way? Love is ALIVE! God is love, and God is alive, so love is alive. When we love each other, it's alive! Life is going back and forth between us, and that life is God, that life has a personality! Love has a personality!

Yoko painted this picture today with her new natsukashii watercolor paints. In the middle there is a small white cross, where the love begins!

I stumbled across your xanga page, which lead me here. This is my favorite one. I love the thought of love being alive....and I love how it is shown here to start with the cross....and then to keep reaching out. Love shouldnt be focused just on the cross, but BECAUSE of the cross should continue to grow....through all colors/nationalities.

I loved this! Thank you! You blessed me today!
I LOVE the drawing, and the thought that love is alive. It is because God's love lives in us and will spread to others with His power. Praise God NML

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