Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Every Road Leads Back to the Cross

By Ramone - May 24, 2005

I bought this little 9-piece puzzle you could draw on at a Muji store in Tennoji a week or two ago. This was my first time drawing a picture on a puzzle, but it won't be my last! It was fun! It's so much fun to take it apart and look at each piece individually, especially since I used so many colors. But the colors might fade because I used some markers. Oh well.

The picture is God's heart! In the middle we see His love in the cross. All of nature points to the cross -- rivers, stars, sunshine. And His love from the cross shines out to every part of nature -- day or night, and flows out like rivers across the land.

It's all about Him, not us. Every part of nature knows that it's simply all about Jesus, all about the love of God we see in Him. And it's not a puzzle, haha! Sometimes we think theology & revelation are like mysteries, but a "mystery" in the Bible is not what is hidden, but what was once hidden and is now revealed. Christ is "the mystery of God" as Paul puts it in Colossians. Everything is contained in Him, and He Himself is every blessing to us. The deepest of knowledge, the most unsearchable things of theology -- all of these will lead us back to the cross and God's awesome, simple love for us!

You are right in the comment. God is all in all and everything revolves around Him. Praise the Lord. NML

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